June Weeks 2 & 3 eBay Sales Update

June eBay Sales Update


Also, I have a few people every now and then comment asking to see photos of what I sell. The best bet for that is to check out my Instagram. While I would LOVE to post individual photos here there simply isn’t enough time in the day!

I am still crossing my fingers that I will grow by business by 30% this month. Do I think it’s possible? I’m not so sure. eBay Sales have been so slow and it’s definitely NOT from the lack of trying at all! The way I see it is at least I will be more prepared for Quarter 4! Gotta put a positive spin on it right?!

I HAVE been meeting my goal of sourcing A LOT. My SUV is finally back and out of the shop after MONTHS of being in there (no fault to my mechanic! He is phenomenal!) So that is giving me the freedom to be able to do that. My youngest however, is proving to be difficult to source with. In her defense she’s one. So, I can’t really expect her to be out and about all.day.long sourcing with me. I am considering hiring a “drop in” babysitter to watch her a few days a week so I can go out shopping and getting stuff I need to re-sell. But I feel such GUILT over doing that to her. I am also attempting to convince my mom to retire….that’s NOT going to happen unfortunately.

I am also in the process of looking for a location to move all my inventory from my home as well but more on that later!



Small June Haul Video for what I sell on eBay for PROFIT


This is a VERY small Haul Video. sorry it’s SO short you guys! My Honey Hole has basically DRIED UP! which SUCKS! I’m currently looking over my business plan to figure out what I need to do to grow at the rate I would like in order to meet my business Goal for June. Currently I am no where near my 30% Business growth which SUCKS.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you should! This past week I talked about my blue ikea bags that are AWESOME. I bought mine on amazon here but you can also buy them on ebay as well! I am in the process of buying more because I love them so much! Seriously where have they been all my life?!

In another day or so I will be posting my June Week 2 sales update so be sure and check back!

Till Next Time You Guys!,