09 Oct

Mind Your Own (eBay) Business, Letting a Nickel Hold Up A Dollar

Minding your own eBay Business. recently I evaluated my facebook groups and it all stemmed from one post. It was basically one person who couldn’t mind there own eBay business and, instead of listing or focusing on there own business, they were spending the time to complain about how someone else was theirs.

Just my own two cents you guys. If you spent the amount of time focusing on your own business that you spent focusing on someone else, you’rs would flourish.  It doesn’t matter what the other business is doing. No one is “tanking the market” markets have a funny way or going up and down. They are supposed to. Just because you were able to get 20$ for a use bra 2 years ago doesn’t mean you’ll always be able to do that. That’s how the markets work. Funny right?

I don’t know if it’s jealousy or what that leads people to focus SO MUCH on other people. But WHY? Your business is worthy of growing. MAKE IT GROW. Put in the hard work! I can nearly 10000% guarantee you that if you spent the time on your business that you were spending on researching this other person you would surpass them.

Basically, this whole post boils down to this. YOU are worth the effort. YOUR business is worth the focus instead of the other business that you are focusing on.

05 Oct

Goals are for SLACKERS Making a Successful Business Strategy eBay Life

Goals are for SLACKERS. Successful Entrepreneurs make Business Strategies.


Here’s the thing guys. ANYONE can make a “goal”. When you just make a goal and don’t actually LOOK at what you need to do to ACCOMPLISH that goal you fuck yourself. MAKE A BUSINESS STRATEGY! ANYONE can be successful in the online e-commerce world if they do this. If you really look into your business and dig deep to figure out what you need to do to accomplish your goal then you WILL succeed!

27 Sep

How I got Started Flipping Pallets for my eBay Business

@pickedbygrace as the question on how I got started with pallets. I’m lucky. I live in SoKy and I’m basically surrounded by places that sell them. However, I came across an auction house that was advertising there first ever pallet auction 200+ pallets they claimed. Shelf pulls and store returns. So we went. I was 5 months pregnant at the time and I bought 8 of them. 😂. We got to look in them but not dig through them. And they were actually SALVAGE/store return pallets no shelf pulls to be seen. Which means 99% of everything was basically used/broken/destroyed. I spent around 350$ on all of it and I flipped it into around 1500$. But it was A LOT of work and A LOT of garbage. I actually no longer buy from them because eventually they started picking stuff out of the pallets and running it through a Friday night auction. Stuff that gets returned to them due to being broken gets put back in the pallets and auctioned off once a month in a “store return shelf pull” auction when in reality it’s there garbage. And to me that’s just dirty. I caution ANYONE looking into getting into pallets to watch out for cherry picker companies and companies that have a store as well. Chance are pretty good they are likely taking the cream of the crop and leaving the junk behind. (Obviously not all places are like that just go with your gut!)

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So HOW did I get into flipping pallets?

I get asked this question a lot. I am REALLY lucky and have suppliers local to me. However, I found one having an auction so we went. I bought 7 pallets my first time around.  I spent about $350 on all of the and ended up flipping it into about 1500$ when it was all said and done. But It was A LOT of work.  I did this for a while till the auction company started doing “Friday night auctions” and picking stuff from the pallets and running it through the auctions. Then any returns they got due to damage or any other reason was thrown back into the pallets (plus the left over trash) which they would auction off once a month. To me that’s just dirty so I no longer give them my business. That’s basically how I got started with pallet flipping 🙂 not I order pallets and have them shipped to me and operate a small group buy-in as well. It works out better for me