20 Sep

How I Schedule My Days With My Websters Pages Planner


In Truth one of the major reasons I currently use this planner is because it was cheap. As in I got the planner, all the colorful stickers, all the pages and everything else for $5 at a thrift store! Previously I had used one that I picked up from walmart for a few bucks. In all honesty, I don’t need anything fancy. Some people like to go all out and buy fancy ones that are more then a sit down mean at a restaurant and that’s cool if you’re actually going to use it. 9 times out of 10 though you’re only going to be using a page or two a few times a week and ignore the rest of it.


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18 Sep

The Count Down is on! Quarter 4 feed the beast!

I know some of you and seen me talk about this on my Instagram and I’m going to sound like a broken record but that’s fine.Q4 is right around the corner. In fact it’s about 2 weeks away. This is the CRAZY season. This is when most retailers have there busiest time of the year. People are finally spending there hard earned money. CHRISTMAS IS COMING! People are spending time with there loved ones. GIFTS GIFTS GIFTS.


Tape, Poly Mailers, Boxes, ANYTHING YOU USE STOCK UP NOW.

You don’t want to have to run out to walmart at midnight a week before Christmas to pick up tape because you ran out. Can you imagine that nightmare?  So, while you can, while it’s not absolutely INSANE out there. GO BUY YOUR SUPPLIES!

31 Aug

Opening ANOTHER booth!


So, Most of you know I like having multiple streams of income. However, my “other” streams of income aren’t big enough yet to fully support even PART of our lives if something were to happen to my ebay store. So, a couple of weeks ago I happened to walk into a local store and find out that they offer booths as well and had one open. I Convinced my mom to go in halves with me and BAM. Another source of income!


The whole reason I ask my mom to go in halves with me is so that way I am not responsible for re-stocking it all the time. If I want to go out of town for the weekend I can. If I don’t feel like driving over there this week, I don’t have to. Also, my mom and I can take turns actually taking stuff to our booths as well! Seriously, in this case it’s win/win!