It’s ANOTHER Haul Video Thrift Store Finds for Items I sell on eBay

Thrift Store Finds for Items I sell for PROFIT on ebay!


Hey guys! In this video I show you a few items I thrift to sell on ebay for profit so I can stay at home with my kiddos. I LOVE selling hard goods on ebay. Seriously, It SO EASY.

I always hear people complain about ebay fees. I look at it this way…Where else am I going to get this many people to show at my store and I not have to have an advertising budget?! Yes my month fees basically pays for them to advertise for me. It’s GREAT!


I LOVE reselling. I LOVE eBay and amazon. Most Importantly, I LOVE staying at home with my kids!

Being the Boss of Your Own Time

June and July eBay Business Update: Goals Overview

June and July eBay Sales Update


Hey guys! In my podcast I basically give you a breakdown on what my goals were for June and July. I also give you an update as to what’s going on with my business today and my goals for my youtube channel.

A lot of people ask me why I give my numbers on my channel espeically since it’s really considered a taboo. I want to show you that YOU TOO can make money from home..and NO you don’t have to pay anyone to “teach” you how to do it. Really you don’t! There are so many FREE resources out there that can show you how to do it. But really it’s going to boil down to your drive and ambition. If you think you can do it you can! I’m not by any means saying this is easy. Because obviously it’s not. Some days I feel like I’m looking my mind. Other days I feel like I got this shit down and I’m totally on top of it.

There is the age old question I get as to “what” I sell on eBay. My answer is EVERYTHING. I check comps 99% of the time to see if it will sell at the price I am able to get it for. If I can flip it for a quick buck I’m going to do it. I LOVE money!

I am hoping to find someone to come on my podcast with me! If your interested shoot me a message on my instagram account!


Till Next time guys!