Remember to take a break

Yesterday we went to the “city” to run some errands. I had to take Lee to get his tooth fixed and while we were over there I decided to hop into the goodwill. Nothing really remarkable to report unfortunately. Just some bras and some swim suits.

However, While I was there I happen to quickly glance at my facebook and realized WKU was holding a “family fun” night. $5 per person..which included unlimited Bounce Houses… If you have children you know how crazy they can be for bounce houses.


So, my plans changed then. Instead of going to an auction that night like we had planned on (they had metal shelves I really wanted for my booth), we went to a “family fun night” and had a blast! Did it totally screw up my schedule that day? Yup. I did a total of one whole listing that day! ONE!!! But IT’S OKAY.

Too often we forget that as business owners, we NEED the breaks.  They are so important so we don’t get burn out! Yes, growing your business is very important especially if you are between being able to do it full time and still having to work at a “Regular” job while you grow your business. But being 100% at your business 100% of the time will quickly burn you out and actually make it more of a “Job” then well….something you enjoy.